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The Responsible Gambling Council (RGC) is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to problem gambling prevention.

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Keeping It Simple with The Inside Spin

Jan 25, 2013

Newscan (Vol 15, Issue 3)

When it comes to delivering problem gambling prevention messages, the first—and often hardest—step is getting people’s attention. And it’s tempting to think that we need to stand on our heads—or dress a monkey in a fur coat—to catch people’s eye. It’s worth remembering, though, that simple is sometimes best. That’s been the secret of the educational events like The Inside Spin that staff at the Responsible Gaming Resource Centres (RGRCs) are currently running at OLG gaming centres across Ontario.

Inside The Inside Spin

The Inside Spin gives gambling patrons the facts on slot machines and how they really work. It’s simple, quick and has minimal set-up so can be located in the foyer or other central location. The idea is that people can spend a couple of minutes interacting – they pull a lever, pick a card, answer a trivia question, and receive an information card and a giveaway – as they are passing through the venue on their way to or from the gaming floor.

Keeping Things Light

The interactive element to the activity makes it appealing, and the trivia questions are simple enough to be answered quickly, but can also function as conversation starters if the visitor wants to chat. One question reads, for example, “Playing two slot machines at the same time will... a) help me lose money faster or b) increase my chances of winning.” In this case, the RGRC staff member who reads the question for the visitor can seamlessly follow up the with more information about the real odds of winning—as well as address any other questions if they come up.

The giveaway, which this year is a lip balm with safer gambling tips on the packaging, is a simple but effective incentive for people to participate. “These events are designed to be engaging and non-intimidating,” says Paula Antoniazzi, the program director who manages these events, “so it’s a great way for people to meet the RGRC staff, often for the first time. It’s a way for patrons to know we’re here to help.”

By the Numbers

Over the course of five weeks ending February 2, 2013, The Inside Spin will have taken place a total of 68 times in 24 different venues across Ontario. RGRC managers are optimistic that the event will match the over 10,000 visits they had for this event last year. In total, the six events in 2012 (held around 70 times each across 24 venues) had over 100,000 visits. Several of the activities are also available online on the RGRC website.