Gambling & Young Adults

Find out why 18-24 year olds are at a high risk of developing gambling problems and how to spot the signs.

People between the ages of 18-24 are at a high risk of developing gambling problems. At this age, the brain is still developing and emotion and logic aren’t fully formed. This means that decision-making ability hasn’t yet matured, making young adults more likely to take risks or act impulsively.

Facts about young adults and gambling

  • Online gambling is one of the strongest predictors of gambling problems in young adults (Responsible Gambling Council, 2016.)
  • Players 18–20 years are significantly more likely to have chased their losses and bet more than they could afford in the past (Ibid.)


of young people aged 18–24 in Ontario have gambled (Responsible Gambling Council, 2016)


of young adults have reported a gambling problem in the last 12 months, with a higher rate among young men (Ibid.)


of video game players have made in-game purchases (Ibid.)

Early warning signs of a gambling problem:

  • Skipping classes or work to gamble
  • Spending less time with friends or avoiding family events to gamble
  • Lying about how much time and money is spent gambling
  • Poor nutrition, health and sleep
  • Borrowing and/or stealing money to gamble
  • Increased drinking and/or drug use
  • Thinking about gambling frequently

The similarities between gaming and gambling

The link between online gambling and gaming is fast becoming blurred. Both are accessible from the same devices, a smartphone or computer, have elements of skill and chance, and are visually stimulating. Recently, gaming platforms have begun to incorporate “gambling-like” elements, like loot boxes, which are considered a form of gambling in some countries.

Help for Loved Ones

If you know someone who is displaying behaviours consistent with those that point to a gambling problem, find out how you can help them.

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Teens and gambling

Studies show that teens are gambling in some form long before they reach the legal age limit.

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If you’re a student or young adult, interested in learning more about responsible gambling, attend an education program.

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