Plan Before You Play

It’s easy to lose yourself when gambling. Play Reaction Lab to see for yourself.

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Know the Facts

When gambling, the brain releases chemicals like adrenalin and endorphins that excite you, win or lose. When in the moment, this heightened emotional state makes smart decisions difficult. Plan before you play to reduce the risks.

Fact 1

Keep in mind that the excitement and emotions associated with gambling can also cloud your judgment, making informed decisions more difficult.

Fact 2

All gambling activities have risks. Even those involving an element of skill (i.e. poker or blackjack) have outcomes that can’t be predicted.

Fact 3

Most gambling products like slot machines, bingo, roulette, lottery games are completely chance. You cannot predict a win or when a machine will pay out.

Reaction Lab

Play the Reaction Lab to see how heightened emotional states can make smart decision-making more difficult.

Play Reaction Lab

If you gamble, have a plan

Before you gamble, prepare yourself.

While playing in-venue or online.

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Know the Signs

There are some key signs that you might be over your limit.

Learn the Signs

Resources for Help

If you have concerns about your gambling or are worried about someone close to you, free and confidential support is available.

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