RG Plus: Partnerships

Demonstrating your commitment to a safe and sustainable gambling industry.

RG Plus is a social enterprise and global consultation service that turns research into tailored, best-in-class policies and practices.

Organizations who partner with us send a clear message to the industry – worldwide – of their commitment to responsible gambling and creating a safer gambling industry.

A partnership with RG Plus will leverage our years of industry-leading research and operational knowledge with your organization’s expertise in order to achieve the mutual goal of fostering a safer and sustainable gambling industry.

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Playtech Collaboration

Supported by Playtech, RG Plus will examine the links between mental health, digital wellbeing and gambling using a combination of thought leadership, research, and evaluation of initiatives.

This collaboration aims to strengthen industry insights to inform and advance safer gambling, mental health, and digital wellbeing, and is one of the first examinations of safer gambling alongside digital wellbeing.