RG Plus: Playtech Collaboration

Strengthening industry insights through collaboration to inform and advance safer gambling, mental health, and digital wellbeing.

RG Plus and Playtech are collaborating to examine the links between mental health, digital wellbeing, and gambling.

One of the first examinations of safer gambling alongside digital wellbeing, this collaboration aims to help people live healthier online lives, advance safer gambling, and improve the way stakeholders in online entertainment sectors – regulators, industry, non-profits, researchers, treatment providers, etc. – work together to support people who use digital platforms.

RG Plus will use a combination of research, evaluation, and thought leadership to lead and execute projects on gambling, digital wellbeing, and mental health.

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  • Supporting the Digital Wellbeing of Young People Through Purposeful Collaboration

    Various sectors are focusing on supporting the wellbeing of young people – both adolescents and young adults – in digital spaces. However, many sectors are operating with limited insights and resources, leaving gaps in knowledge and support across online spaces.

    A stakeholder insights project was undertaken and designed by RG Plus to address key gaps by answering the following question: How can stakeholders build purposeful collaborations to advance the digital wellbeing of young people 12-24 years, specifically as it relates to online entertainment – gaming, gambling, and social media use?

    The resulting report outlines initial answers to key questions in order to develop a guide for building purposeful collaborations to support the digital wellbeing of young people. It was developed using the insights generously provided by a diverse set of experienced and knowledgeable stakeholders – 33 people representing 27 organizations – in a series of group discussions and one-on-one interviews. The findings from the report were discussed in a stakeholder roundtable with contributors to the report and organizations with an interest in collaboration, safer gambling, digital wellbeing, and mental health. It is our hope that this endeavour will inspire positive collaboration and innovation among stakeholders in digital entertainment fields and inform practical action across sectors for supporting the digital wellbeing of young people.

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  • Digital Wellbeing & Online Gambling: Identifying Conceptual & Empirical Relationships

    Digital wellbeing and online gambling are currently at the forefront of many discussions internationally. Our need to rely on digital technology throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted both the positive as well as negative outcomes of spending extensive time online. Concurrently, limitations on and closures of land-based gambling venues as well as some governments’ desires to offset the financial repercussions of the pandemic have led or fast tracked both the gambling industry and policy makers to considerably expand online gambling across many jurisdictions. The interconnections between these areas, however, have received
    limited attention.

    Our previous piece of work on purposeful collaboration for supporting the digital wellbeing of young people outlined key areas of need at this nexus between digital wellbeing and online gambling, some of which include a shared definition of digital wellbeing, the inclusion of online gambling in this definition, and holistic digital wellbeing initiatives that include online gambling. In order to begin to address these important gaps, the current
    piece of work considers the following question: How does online gambling relate to digital wellbeing?

    It is our hope that this report will spur collaboration across digital entertainment sectors, provide knowledge for shaping goals and initiatives, and generate practical next steps for stakeholders working in digital wellbeing and online gambling spaces.

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  • Gambling Digital Tools Across the Player Spectrum: Promising Practices & Future Opportunities

    In the gambling field, the number and breadth of available tools for the provision of support and information have increased greatly in the last few years. Questions exist, though, around the appropriateness and effectiveness of as well as the opportunities for gambling-focused digital tools. This piece of work focuses on answering the following question: How can technology be used to deliver information and support to those across the player continuum of gambling involvement and harm? 

    It uses research literature, environmental scans of gambling and mental health digital tools, rapid assessments of tool user data, and consultations with international stakeholders to describe the ecosystem of gambling digital tools, outline promising practices, discuss barriers and areas of improvement, and propose ways to target areas of need in the field.

    Our hope is that the contents and recommendations of this report will inform future collaborations, policies, and approaches and in particular the development, dissemination, and evaluation of effective digital tools for people across the spectrum of gambling involvement and harm.

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