UK Gambling Research: RET Charitable Status

A global perspective to the prevention of gambling harm

In 2020 RGC was added to the United Kingdom Gambling Commission’s list of approved charities to which gambling operators can direct their annual research funding. With our global perspective and practical approach to applied research we endeavour to promote a sustainable industry built from consumer protection.

Having worked extensively with operators, regulators, and community-based organisations like public health units across the globe, we understand what it takes to deliver strong, sustainable gambling operations and effective player safeguards. We are eager to continue to build on our work in the UK, through new research.

What We Do:

RGC research is solution-driven, focusing on actionable evidence that contributes to player and community health and sustainable business practices.

Our research is practical and applied, rather than purely academic, and has been used to inform policy, industry and player education, operator-focused and community-based prevention initiatives, and social marketing campaigns.

Our team has conducted research and contributed to program and policy development across multiple forms of gambling, including land-based, online, sports, and lottery.

RGC brings a global perspective to our projects, having worked with operators and regulators across four continents. We have our finger on the pulse of worldwide RG trends and advances.

RGC Research Priorities:


What Works to Protect Players                                     & Promote Safer Play?

Strong RG programming doesn’t just support players experiencing problems with their gambling—it prevents harms and promotes safer gambling for all.

Research in this area can evaluate the effectiveness of RG tools and strategies, identify best practices in customer education and RG interactions, and explore how international guidelines for safer gambling can promote low-risk gambling behaviours.


Building Safeguards for Sustainability

With the rise of online gambling and eSports betting comes the opportunity to build up and improve RG practices for online operations.

Research in this area can help us understand online gambling behaviours, identify effective RG tools and messaging. Notable areas of study include the impact of social media on gambling behaviours among young people, and identify best practices for advertising that minimize risk. Research in the area of online gambling will also have implications for the development of responsible gambling best practices.

Past Projects:

Over the years, we have delivered research on a broad range of RG practices across multiple jurisdictions, including developing a framework of safeguards for VLT play in hospitality settings, identifying RG best practices in player loyalty programs, and examining RG strategies for lottery operators.

RGC has supported gambling harm prevention in the UK, since 2015. Our team of specialists has conducted research and program development with several industry partners, including projects examining risky gambling behaviour online, informing RG staff training, evaluating harm minimization projects, and increasing understanding of player preferences related to RG tools and messaging.


To learn more about RGC, our past research or process, please contact us.