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Who is RGC?

The Responsible Gambling Council (RGC) is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to problem gambling prevention.

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Staff Directory

Under the management of the CEO, the Responsible Gambling Council is organized into four departments:

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Jon Kelly, Ph.D

Chief Executive Officer
jonk [at] rgco [dot] org
416-499-9800 ext. 224

Dr. Jon Kelly joined the Responsible Gambling Council as CEO in January 1998.

Jon has invested many years in public services and the non-profit sector. In the past, Jon has held several Policy Advisor positions in the Ontario government, including Director of Services for Disabled Persons and the first Director of the Ontario’s Provincial Anti-Drug Secretariat (1989) - an organization established to co-ordinate Ontario's drug and alcohol prevention strategy.

Jon is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario and holds a doctorate from the University of Edinburgh. He has been invited to present on responsible gambling issues at conferences and seminars around the world. In 2012, Jon was appointed to the Advisory Panel of Gambling Safeguards for the Government of Singapore.

Arlene Youkanna

Executive Assistant
arleney [at] rgco [dot] org
416-499-9800 ext. 239

Jennifer Iveson

Manager, Communications and Policy
jenniferi [at] rgco [dot] org
416-499-9800 ext. 245

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Research and Development

Jamie Wiebe, Ph.D.

Director, Research and Development

jamiew [at] rgco [dot] org

416-499-9800 ext. 244

Jamie Wiebe first joined RGC in 2000 as Director of Research, and then returned in 2009 as Director of the RGC Centre for the Advancement of Best Practices, and is now the director of research and development. In her role as director, Dr. Wiebe provides strategic direction, guides the design, analysis and interpretation of projects and is responsible for content development. 

Her background includes owner and principal of Factz Research Inc. and research positions with the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba, Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission and the Canadian Centre for Substance Abuse. Jamie has collaborated on a wide variety of responsible and problem gambling topics. Projects include prevalence studies, longitudinal research, evaluation of prevention and treatment initiatives, examination of regulations, the development of an instrument to measure risky gambling among youth and examination of best practices in responsible gambling.

Maedean Brown

Manager, Research and Policy

maedeanb [at] rgco [dot] org
416-499-9800 ext. 241

Sherene Fernando, M.Sc.

Research Coordinator

sherenef [at] rgco [dot] org
416-499-9800 ext. 293

Nadine Kauffman, M.A.

Manager, Information Services

nadinek [at] rgco [dot] org
416-499-9800 ext. 223

Alex Price, Ph.D.

Senior Policy Analyst

alexp [at] rgco [dot] org
416-499-9800 ext. 237

Jennifer Reynolds, Ph.D.

Manager, Special Research Projects

jenniferr [at] rgco [dot] org
416-499-9800 ext. 252

Sasha Stark, Ph.D.

Manager, Special Research Projects
(on leave)

sashas [at] rgco [dot] org

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Standards and Accreditation

Sue Birge

Director, Standards and Accreditation
sueb [at] rgco [dot] org
416-499-9800 ext. 225

Sue Birge is responsible for RG Check, an accreditation program created by RGC based on the RGC’s Responsible Gambling Index (standards). 

Until recently, Sue has been Executive Director of Policy, Responsible Gambling and Business Services for the British Columbia gaming regulator, the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch. Before that Sue has held many policy and communications jobs in Ontario and British Columbia. Sue is also chair of the Board of Greenpeace Canada.

Janine Jackson

Manager, Accreditation

janinej [at] rgco [dot] org
416-499-9800 ext. 242

Jessica Bihari, MPH

RG Check Coordinator

jessicab [at] rgco [dot] org
416-499-9800 ext. 290

Sam Karami, M.Ed.

RG Check Coordinator

samk [at] rgco [dot] org
416-499-9800 ext. 235

Bob Michniak

RG Check Coordinator

bobm [at] rgco [dot] org
416-499-9800 ext. 291

Amanda Nilsson

RG Check Coordinator

amandan [at] rgco [dot] org
416-499-9800 ext. 294

Dwight Ramenaden

RG Check Coordinator

dwightr [at] rgco [dot] org
416-499-9800 ext. 292

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Responsible Gaming Resource Centres

Paula Antoniazzi

Director, Responsible Gaming Resource Centres

paulaa [at] rgco [dot] org

416-499-9800 ext. 238

Paula Antoniazzi is responsible for the operation of Responsible Gaming Resource Centres, located at 24 gaming venues across Ontario.

Prior to joining RGC in April 2007, Paula held senior management positions at two national charities, helping both these organizations manage rapid growth and program expansion. Paula holds an honours diploma in Public Relations from Humber College.

Karen Dubin

Senior Project Manager - RGRC

karend [at] rgco [dot] org
416-499-9800 ext. 288

Lorelle Muller Lumsden

Senior Project Manager - RGRC

lorellem [at] rgco [dot] org
416-499-9800 ext. 287

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Kevin Noel, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

kevinn [at] rgco [dot] org

416-499-9800 ext. 232

Kevin Noel is Chief Operation Officer, overseeing finance, administration and human resources, as well as the overall operational responsibility for all of the RGC prevention programs including the youth programs, the Responsible Gaming Resource Centres and Problem Gambling Prevention Week. 

Before joining RGC, Kevin was Manager, Financial Systems and Analysis at CHUM Television. Kevin attended Memorial University in St. John’s and received his Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and Strategy and his Bachelor of Arts with a major in French Language and a minor in English Literature.

For five years, Kevin volunteered with Frontier Canada as a tutor and mentor to a grade seven student from an inner city school and for eight years he volunteered with Fife House as part of a team which prepared and served dinner for low-income men with HIV/AIDS living in subsidized housing.

Prevention Programs

Adrienne Arbour

Manager, Problem Gambling Prevention Week

adriennea [at] rgco [dot] org
416-499-9800 ext. 228

Lisa Couperus

Manager, Special Projects & Programs

lisac [at] rgco [dot] org
416-499-9800 ext. 246

Mary Davis

Senior Project Manager

maryd [at] rgco [dot] org
416-499-9800 ext. 243

Heather Ly

Project Coordinator, Problem Gambling Prevention Week

heatherl [at] rgco [dot] org
416-499-9800 ext. 286

Nancy Tallis

Programs and Communications Coordinator

nancyt [at] rgco [dot] org
416-499-9800 ext. 234


Robin Wilner, CHRP

Manager, Administration and Human Resources

robinw [at] rgco [dot] org
416-499-9800 ext. 233

Michael Hui

Financial Analyst

michaelh [at] rgco [dot] org
416-499-9800 ext. 251

Sarah Gardiner

Payroll Specialist / Accounts Payable

sarahg [at] rgco [dot] org
416-499-9800 ext. 222

Peter Panasiuk

System Administrator / Webmaster

peterp [at] rgco [dot] org
416-499-9800 ext. 229

Victoria Batute

Office Assistant

victoriab [at] rgco [dot] org
416-499-9800 ext. 221