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The Responsible Gambling Council (RGC) is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to problem gambling prevention.

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Research & Analysis

The following Responsible Gambling Council research and analysis is available for download. When sharing or quoting information contained in these reports, please cite the report, its authors, and its publication date. Please contact us if you have any questions about the appropriate use of this material.

Not all RGC Centre research is posted here for public use due to contractual obligation and confidentiality.

Play Information and Management Systems

Responsible Gambling Council | Oct 1, 2009

Responses to problem gambling lie on a spectrum from universal strategies for the general population to specific interventions with individuals showing signs of problematic behavior. There is, as well, a growing middle-region of this spectrum that includes “play information and management systems” – features or tools that can be incorporated into electronic gaming machines and, potentially, other forms of gaming, to enable players to more easily keep track of their play and manage their gambling decisions.

Several jurisdictions, including Norway, Sweden, some of the Australian States and the Province of Nova Scotia, have implemented varying models of play information and management systems with positive and encouraging results. Many other jurisdictions are now actively investigating their potential usefulness.

This report examines the use of play information and management systems, recognizing that they are still in an early stage of development and not fully operational in any form of venue-based gaming.

In preparing this report, the RGC Centre for the Advancement of Best Practices gathered and analyzed information from a wide range of sources, including an RGC Insight Forum, bringing together a wide spectrum of participants to identify and explore the key issues with regard to play information and management systems.

As outlined in this report, play information and management systems represent a new and rapidly evolving field – one that is likely to look quite different five years into the future. It is therefore critical that any decisions about these systems ensure future flexibility in the way the systems are configured and offered to customers. Executed well, they have the potential to put excellent tools in the hands of players and have minimal impact on those who choose not to use them.

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