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The Responsible Gambling Council (RGC) is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to problem gambling prevention.

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Stop the Chase: Gritty Social Marketing

Jan 28, 2014

Newscan (Vol. 16, Issue 4)

RGC’s latest social marketing campaign, Stop the Chase, is unquestionably the hardest hitting campaign ever developed by the Council. The campaign commands attention of the 18 to 24 year-old target group on a very personal level by aggressively challenging perceptions of the value of persevering when it comes to gambling.

Break Through the Clutter

Stop the Chase uses gritty and gutsy images to break through the media saturation. The campaign disrupts the basic truism that perseverance pays off in the end, particularly when it comes to gambling.

Cut to the Chase

The video ad (appearing online, on television and in cinemas) presents a classic movie scenario – the contender, fighting to win, but seriously beaten. Boxing, as a metaphor for gambling, reinforces the idea that there is a time to walk away. Shot in a visceral and cinematic style, it is distinctly set apart from all other ads.

Persevere Here, But Not There

Print ads on public transit, in restaurants, campus bars and elsewhere, as well as online, reinforce the idea that perseverance works in certain environments, but not in gambling. One of the ads, a fake transit ad for a gym, shows a woman persevering to become stronger and healthier. Stickered over top “guerrilla-style” is the campaign message, “Perseverance pays off here. It doesn’t when gambling.”

Perseverance Pays Off Here

See It for Yourself

The campaign began on January 27 in French and English across Ontario and runs in various forms through to the end of March 2015. Visit stopthechase.ca or arrêtezlespertes.ca.