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Who is RGC?

The Responsible Gambling Council (RGC) is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to problem gambling prevention.

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RGC Launches Audience-Focused Website

May 11, 2012

Newscan (Vol. 14, Issue 18)

Like any website project, RGC's main site relaunch has been a project involving many hands and many months. A complete overhaul is a daunting task, but has the advantage of forcing us to ask tough questions like: Who is our website for? What are people looking for when they visit the site?

The result is a site that's organized into three sections:

  1. Safer Play is for people who want to learn more about safer gambling, either for themselves, or for people they know
  2. RG News and Research is for gaming providers, regulators, policy makers and researchers who work in the gambling sector
  3. Get Help is where we offer a bridge to treatment for people who need help with a gambling problem

Since most Newscan readers fall into the second group, let's examine some of the elements you'll find there more specifically:

Suggest Content for Newscan

This is where you can suggest content for future issues of Newscan. There are several categories of content you can send us, from upcoming events to letters to the editor, so we've created forms for each type.

Daily Responsible Gambling News

Newscan contains a weekly digest of responsible gambling news. But for something more immediate, we've introduced an RG headlines newsfeed on our site where you will find links to relevant news stories every day. Bookmark the page and check back often!

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