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Who is RGC?

The Responsible Gambling Council (RGC) is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to problem gambling prevention.

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A Message from the Board Chair and CEO

The Responsible Gambling Council is no stranger to change—we have been blazing new trails in the prevention of problem gambling for 35 years. In February, 2017, though, we experienced a rare transition for us: we welcomed a new CEO for only the third time.

Our Strong and Visionary Leadership

RGC has embraced this transition and continues on its path of excellence and innovation in awareness, education and safeguards. We continue to cultivate collaborative internal and external relationships, with an eye to both deepening and broadening RGC’s connections with its stakeholders and the sector at large.

RGC is committed to a culture of innovation, shared expertise and unbounded curiosity as we strive toward our vision of a world free of problem gambling, together with our partners around the world.

Our Commitment to Awareness & Education

In 2016-2017, RGC completed the conversion of 36 PlaySmart Centres, working with OLG, as well as the private operators and industry partners involved in the provision of gambling in Ontario.

RGC also executed high-impact awareness and education programs for young people and delivered our community-based prevention campaign. These and other programs are the result of a long-term partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

Shelley has hit the ground running, bringing with her a strategic mindset and authentic leadership born out of decades of experience. Already, she has strengthened many relationships within the sector. What’s more, every level of the organization has felt the impact of her collaborative leadership approach.
—Terry Finn, Board Chair

Our Unwavering Dedication to Excellence

Promoting awareness and informed decision making are only half of the prevention equation; promoting the responsible provision of gambling through safeguards is just as critical to our mission.

To that end, RG Check accreditation remains a key element of many gaming operators’ commitment to RG and corporate social responsibility, with 26 sites choosing to be re-accredited. Also, RGC’s Insight research team began their investigation of the behavioural levers in video lottery terminals and video Keno.

Finally, in 2017 we continued to raise the collective bar in play safeguards and the reduction of harms associated with gambling through learning opportunities like our Discovery conference.

What a thrilling and inspiring few months! I am deeply impressed by RGC’s expertise and commitment to fulfilling its mission to prevent problem gambling and reduce its impacts. I look forward to continuing my work with the Board, staff and stakeholders as we move the needle on RG in the increasingly complex, fast-moving and multi-dimensional gambling space.
— Shelley White, CEO

Our Focus on Innovation and Invigoration

In 2017-2018, we are developing a new strategic plan. As we look to the future, we will deepen our understanding of the evolving ways that people choose to gamble: on mobile, on Esports, in daily fantasy sports leagues, and more. We will also strengthen our relationships with diverse stakeholders, from First Nations communities to researchers to treatment experts to gaming operators world-wide.

In so doing, we will maintain the trajectory of innovation that began in 1983 with the ground-breaking work of Tibor Barsony and evolved into the comprehensive multilayered framework constructed under Jon Kelly’s tenure.

Read more about Tibor and Jon's contributions to the Responsible Gambling Council.

Terry Finn, Board Chair

Terry Finn

Board Chair

Shelley White

Shelley White


2017-2018 Annual Report